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THE THIRD ROUND: Cup of Chowder Staff predicts the future

Congratulations to Steph, who nailed it predicting Detroit's playoff run.

I wanna see this in a few weeks, guys
I wanna see this in a few weeks, guys

Most of us were incredibly wrong about the last round! Servo was the only one who guessed Penguins in five; no one guessed Boston in five (Phunwin was closest, with Boston in 6) Giesse and Phunwin nailed Kings in seven...and only Steph guessed that Detroit would take Chicago to seven and then lose. Props for guessing Detroit's entire playoff run correctly!

The rest of us just suck.

But that's not going to stop us...


Bruins vs. Penguins

Cornelius: nope
Heather: PIT in 7
Erin: nope
Sarah: BOS in 6 #yolo
Servo: BOS in 6, because goaltending
BHN Dan: BOS in 6
Steph: nope
Giesse: BOS in 7 because it's called Bruins, of course they'll go seven games
Phunwin: PIT in 7, because that's what he predicted early in the season
Meloni: PIT in 6.

Kings vs. Blackhawks

Cornelius: LA in 7
Heather: CHI in 6
Erin: CHI in 6
Sarah: LA in 6
Servo: LA in 6, because goaltending
BHN Dan: CHI in 6
Steph: CHI in 6
Giesse: CHI in 7
Phunwin: CHI in 6
Meloni: LA in 6

What does everyone else think?