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Monday Morning Skate: LINE BRAWL

John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

Anybody catch that shitshow in the Ottawa/Montreal series last night? Yeah, that ruled. It's what the first round is all about, really. Two teams hating the heck out of each other, CAAAAAAARREEEEEEY CAAAAAAAARREEEEY CAAAAAARREEEEEY giving up goals in bunches, sarcastically chanting something to the tune of Ole Ole Ole (last night it was "Pageau" who had a hat trick). Just the best.

And earlier in the day, the Wild beat Chicago! Wild in 6, y'all. It's happening.

And on top of all of that, the P-Bruins forced a winner-take-all game 5 (wednesday night in Providence) on the strength of a Carter Camper hat trick. So, that's pretty cool. Here's hoping they close out on Hershey. Honestly, what kind of team employs Casey Wellman and expects to win? (A bad one.)

The 7pm game the night before was...less exciting. Oh well. Turn the page. It's Gameday.

What's on tap, chowder? Oh, and did you listen to the podcast we recorded?