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3 Questions With... PPP's SkinnyFish

What a handsome gentleman!
What a handsome gentleman!

Hello. Today we talk to SkinnyFish of Pension Plan Puppets about how the series is going, how the series might go, and the first playoff home game in Toronto since before the last lockout

1. Holy crap how about that habs/sens line brawl last night. Pretty incredible stuff. Each game so far in our series has ended in a fight. Ference is back from suspension tonight. Do you think we see another end-of-game fight? Or maybe one before the last second of the game?

No. I doubt we see another end-of-game fight because tonight's game is in Toronto and our fans don't sucker punch fans of opposing teams in the back of the head.

[Ed. Note: That last bit was a joke, Skinny and I are friends - Cornelius]

2. The leafs won the last game. What do you think their chances are in what's now a first-to-three series? Do they stick with the same lineup?

Randy Carlyle is by no means a creative person. All season his "philosophy" has been to stick with what get results (but not necessarily what works). Because all three of his Game 2 additions got points, I expect all three to suit up tonight. Ryan O`Byrne might come out for Liles, and I'd love to see MacArthur back in but I doubt it; he's been in Carlyle's doghouse all year.

3. How ridiculous are playoff tickets up there? Have you considered going?

I think standing room only tickets are going for something like $200 face, and up around $350 on Stubhub. Had the Leafs played the Habs instead, they'd have gotten Game 3 last Saturday, and Chemmy and myself were going to make the trip up to TO and blow giant wads of cash to go to the game. Alas, the Leafs had to lose the last game of the season and get the Bruins instead.

Thanks again to SkinnyFish for taking the time to answer some questions. If you don't know what Pension Plan Puppets is by now, well, uh...where have you been?