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Bruins vs. Leafs Game 3 Recap: GIF ALERT. Bruins win 5-2.

Rich Peverley, Daniel Paille, David Krejci, Nathan Horton, and Adam McQuaid all scored for Boston. Here are some gifs of it all.

Claus Andersen

So in the first period Adam McQuaid was like

And in the second period Jaromir Jagr and Rich Peverley were like mm, no, not enough goals, so Jagr dished to Peverley for the 2-0 lead. I have no gif of this one, I'm sorry. Here is a creative interpretation:

A few minutes later, Milan Lucic fed it to Nathan Horton for a goal that no one knew was a goal at first, because the puck DISAPPEARED:

But yep, it counted, obviously. Love the ref all casual like "oh there it is." Goal.

Late in the period, Toronto went on the power play and Daniel Paille was just like nope. NOPE.

In the third period, the Bruins collapsed inwards and were on the defensive for most of the period, but Krejci basically laughed in Toronto's face and scored the empty net goal. See, Toronto wasn't too happy:

Why you have to be mad, Toronto guy? Is only hockey, only game. Somewhere in there there were two Toronto power play goals, but no one cares. Hopefully this lays the foundation for a lack of home playoff wins in Toronto for a very long time.

David Krejci leads the team with seven points in three games. Milan Lucic has six assists, and Nathan Horton has three goals. Safe to say this line has woken up. Timely.