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Tuesday Morning Skate: David Krejci Owns

Well I feel much better. The morning after a win like that is always better. Breakfast tastes better, easier to get out of bed, it's great. Sure, Kessel might be 2-for-3 scoring goals, but only one was at even strength. I don't even mind the Wisconsin Goober, to be honest. Still love any chant at the Gahden that's not just "Lets go Bruins." Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Plus, Lucic had a heck of a game last night. Career high playoff points. He leads the league in playoff assists. David Krejci is once again a playoff scoring machine, as well. It's pretty fantastic, to be honest.

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Yes, I did do this on my phone, why do you ask?

Games tonight:

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Canucks-Sharks is the 10pm game down there. Sharks lead 3-0. Last year, the Kings had them at this point and the Canucks managed one win. Will Joe Thornton and friends allow the same?