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Wednesday Morning Skate: All Hail Paillican

Sweet fancy moses
Sweet fancy moses

Yesterday, Justin Bourne went into the Systems Analyst film room and broke down Danny Paille's short-handed goal against Toronto on Monday. It was good analysis and you should read it. Even if you don't, but you've seen Paille's post-goal face, Paille is a goofy-looking dude. Look at that picture. Incredible stuff:



Anyhow, last night's games were almost perfect. The Canucks got swept in OT. Montreal gave up a lead like Ottawa was BU's last national championship squad. Islanders beat Pittsburgh. Wild unfortunately dropped one, but they were all too busy to trying to figure out how to get Toews suspended for taking out Harding.

Boston's in Toronto for game 4 tonight, should be a fun one. I, for one, am really ready for Bergeron's line to go off. Drive the field trip to the crease, y'all.

Providence is also playing Hershey in Providence for the deciding game 5 of the series. If you haven't been paying attention, you're a big jerk and should read myBruinsOFace's stuff more often. Oh, and Providence dropped the first two at home and then won the next two on the road. Sound familiar? I thought so, too.

So, Go B- and P-Bruins!