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3 Questions with... ElSeldo of OHL Education

"They now have 3 games of the oh so precious playoff experience under their belts so that's gotta count for something right?"

Jared Wickerham

Today we talk to frequest commenter ElSeldo, known 'round here for his Dougie Hamilton love and the blog, OHL Education. He's also a Leafs fan, so I thought we'd pick his brain for a minute ahead of tonight's game.

1. The leafs played pretty well and still lost on Monday. Think the leafs come back and win in game 4?

Absolutely they can. The Game 3 loss was a vastly different loss than the Game 1 loss. I didn't have many complaints about the lines and Gardiner looked amazing and showed how much of a dumbass Randy can be at times. Unless Randy decides to put BOTH Orr/McClaren in the line up. Then you guys can have the win. The more the Leafs lose with both in the line up, the more I hope Nonis realizes Randy needs to be fired, playoffs or not. They now have 3 games of the oh so precious playoff experience under their belts so that's gotta count for something right? As long as the B's don't score fast and first the crowd in the ACC will be something to feed off of (and I'm not a huge believer in the "7th man on the ice" theory).

2. Brad Marchand said the Phil Kessel told him he'd be ready for a fight "anytime." Do you want to see that fight happen?

If the Leafs are up be 3 goals, hell I'll welcome the game going the way of Ottawa/Montreal from Sunday, otherwise absolutely not. The last thing we need is Phil losing 5 min of ice time AND be subject to Randys bitterness and grudge holding. i know he's a believer in fighting but I doubt that would apply to Phil because nothing he does makes sense. Not to mention the risk of injury. Nope, no way, not at all, never.

3. Is it better or worse for you that Dougie isn't getting a lot of playing time against Toronto?

Dougie stopped being Dougie in January. Now he's just some guy in a Bruins sweater. His half season in Niagara he wasn't the Dougie of last season, and now that he's not one of the top players in the league, it's more challenging for him and I'm also happy he's not getting lots of ice time because draft day was bad enough, I don't need him being the one to eliminate the Leafs. I'll get enough grief from him (and Strome in Brooklyn) for the next few regular seasons. Thats why I'm happy Pietrangelo went to St. Louis, easier to cheer him on when he's not hurting the Leafs.

Thanks again to ElSeldo for taking the time!