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Monday Morning Skate: Welcome, Guests!

So when your team makes the Stanley Cup Finals (hahaha, what a wonderful thing to say. The Stanley Cup Finals!) your team gets a lot of people from other teams rooting for your or against your opponent or otherwise just new people. There have been some new people here recently, so I figured that we could roll out the welcome mat.

Here's how I want to do it:

Regulars: Please be so kind as to explain your favorite inside joke. Tell us about the Broom and the Goat and the Quota and whatever else.

New People: Please be so kind as to introduce yourselves. Who you are and who you root for and why you like/hate the Bruins would be great.

Everyone else: Uh, try to do both, I dunno. I haven't thought of everything.

With y'all's help, we can integrate some new people into the fun. Or whatever it is we have here.

Blackhawks suck.

What's on tap?