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Fresh Links: Waiting Game Edition

Oh lawd oh lawd two whole more days until hockey time strikes again

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oh god pierre why
oh god pierre why
Bruce Bennett

Bruins News:

Here's a Chicago beat writer breaking the Bruins down. Not too bad. [CBS Chicago]

How do the 2013 and 2011 Bruins compare to each other? [USA Today]

How did the Bruins get here? (well duh, we all know, but it's fun to read about. Plus, cool video. [CBS Boston]

The 2011 Cup run obviously wasn't a one-and-done. Which owns, so much ownage. [Globe]

Hey, the Bruins are good at hockey! Great, thoughtful stuff from Cam Charron. [Backhand Shelf]

This Stanley Cup Final has something for everyone, exclaims a Vancouver newspaper! [Province]

Among other things, this Finals series gives Nathan Horton a second chance at playing a full Last Series. [THW]

Chicago has Vince Vaughn. We? Have John Krasinski. Advantage Boston because The Office owns. [Globe]

Other stuff:

Hahahahaha Keith Yandle trade rumors hahahahaha the offseason MUST BE SO FUN [BSH]

Ditto: Evgeni Malkin needs to re-sign. Sucks to suck, Pittsburgh. [Pensburgh]