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Tuesday Morning Skate: CHLOL

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Last night, it was announced that the CHL will no longer allow goalies from outside north america into the major junior leagues, also known as CHL. They're doing this as a hilarious protectionist tactic, as there just aren't as many premier canadian goalies coming around anymore. You have to go back as far as last year to find a Canadian goalie drafted in the first round. Hello, Malcolm Subban.

Maybe this is just an attempt to try to keep european goalies from learning all of Canada's players' tricks or something. Who knows? I don't. But it is pretty hilarious that their response to the world getting better at hockey around them is to try to keep the rest of the world out. Of course, they're still allowing American goalies, so expect more movement of American goalies from the NCAA to the CHL as teams try to bribe their way to a Memorial Cup.

This also opens up the NCAA for more european goalies, which is cool in its own right.

Basically the CHL is trying to bring back the 80s: bad goalies, great scorers, lots of cocaine. Maybe not that last part.



What's on tap, y'all?