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Game One Drinking Game

Get your livers ready

Fun Fact: Tuukka fills his bottle with alcohol to play along to his own drinking game.
Fun Fact: Tuukka fills his bottle with alcohol to play along to his own drinking game.
Bruce Bennett

Take half a shot/drink for

  • Mention of Original Six.
  • Talk of Chara's height.
    • Bonus if they also mention his stick size.
  • Reference to how both teams have won the Cup in recent years.
  • Pierre gets visibly excited over a penalty being called.
    • Bonus shot if the penalty he said was going to be called ends up being a different penalty.

Take one shot/drink for

  • A Bruins goal
  • A Blackhawks goal just to drown out the horrible noise of Chelsea Dagger
  • Whenever the United Center is referred to as the "Madhouse on Madison"
  • Mention of Chicago as "The Windy City"
  • Mention of the Phil Esposito and/or Bobby Orr trade
  • Whenever Pierre chimes in just to say what college a player went to. ("Torey Krug" "Michigan State!!").
    • Bonus shot if it's mention of St. Lawrence in relation to Peverley and Bollig, and how neither was drafted.
  • Reference to the Blackhawks 20+ game "undefeated" streak to start the season.
  • Whenever NBC talks about Sidney Crosby.
  • Every time Seguin looks up to the sky after another stopped shot.
  • When the broadcasters call a player by the wrong name ("Andrew McQuaid")

Take two shots/drinks for

  • If a Bruins goal gets called off
  • If the Bruins score a power play goal
  • A fight.
  • Mention of Patrick Kane and Tyler Seguin playing together in Switzerland
  • Paille gets a breakaway...and misses

Take three shots/drinks for

  • If the Bruins score a shothanded goal
  • Paille gets a breakaway...and scores.

Take five shots/drinks for

  • A Jaromir Jagr goal.
  • A Johnny Boychuk goal (this has historical significance).
  • Anyone gets a hat trick
  • Anyone gets a Gordie Howe hat trick

Take ten shots/drinks for

  • Tuukka Rask scores a goal on Chicago's net.