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Saturday Morning Skate: Choose Your Own Award

Bruce Bennett

The other night, a couple awards got given out. It was the saddest excuse for an award show ever, apparently, which is okay by me because I was doing anything else with my life. Patrice Bergeron won the King Clancy Trophy, and some asshole won his first Selke. Of course, Patrice may have the stats to back up a claim on the Selke, but Chara should probably be at least a Norris finalist. So we've got a lot of options for gettin' mad about NHL Awards. Whatever.

What this did lead me to was thinking about what my award would be, if I had the money to have a trophy made and given to the NHL. Plenty of people have done it before. Art Ross, for one.

What would your award be called? Who would it go to this year? What would it be awarded for?

...and of course...

What's on tap?