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3 Questions With... Greg Boysen of Second City Hockey

Bruce Bennett

Today I talked to Greg Boysen of Second City Hockey, our SBN brethren. Go check them out. Don't be mean or Servo will yell at you.

1. You wrote the now-almost-infamous "Boston Must Pay" piece before the series. Shame on you. How many times did you re-watch the Red Sox fan getting hit by a slice of pizza?

"Almost-infamous" I like that, will have to try harder to become completely infamous. I had a lot of fun writing that response to Sarah's article. Most people, on both sides, took the tow pieces in the light they were meant to be read in. There are always those few people who think it's serious and those people both humor and frighten me at the same time. And the clip of the flying pizza is one of my all time favorite clips. Almost as funny as fat people falling down and people getting hit in the nuts!

2. The Blackhawks were buzzing on Saturday, but they ended up losing in overtime (not that I really need to say that it was in overtime. How do you feel about how the series is going so far?

Honestly, this series has been exactly what I have expected out of these two teams. I figured the Hawks would have to win at least one game in Boston in order to take the series. The first two games have been great to watch. With the two teams being as evenly matched as they are, I really feel the team that can actually produce more on their power play will gain a huge advantage.

3. The NHL Awards show was a joke. Was it better than Chaka Kahn?

Is anything better than Chaka Khan? I didn't really care how the NHL handled since I never watch the NHL Awards show anyways. Jay Mohr making bad hockey jokes for 2 hours does nothing for me and Nickelback does even less! Now if you get "Peggy" from the Discover commercials to host, then you may have my attention.

Thanks again to Greg for doing this!