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Bruins vs. Blackhawks Game 5 Postgame Open Thread

Bruce Bennett

Don't really have the time/energy to write a recap here, but here is an open thread we can complain in.


- No update on Patrice Bergeron yet, though he left the game in an ambulance that he WALKED to, so uh that's good maybe?

- Carl Soderberg looked darn good, all things considered.

- Never go to the Sports Grille on Canal Street. It's not worth it.

- David Krejci, you are bad at faceoffs sometimes. Tonight was one of those times.

- I hate Patrick Kane

- Johnny Boychuk might get in trouble for his hit on Jonathan Toews, or he might not, who knows. Who cares.

- ....but if he gets hurt, maybe DOUGIE WILL SAVE US ALL

- Or maybe Matt Bartkowski or Wade Redden or ughhh whyyyy

- Will Jordan Caron come in for Bergeron or will Kaspars be let out of the Daug haus?

- OK going to go drown myself in wine now thanks bye