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So that is it. Bruins lose 3-2, Hawks win Stanley Cup


There's absolutely no good feeling to take out of this right now.

There aren't exactly words to express the garbage feeling of seeing a team in white jerseys accepting hockey's greatest prize on your home ice.

Being on the good end of a collapse was nice for a little while; now, the Bruins are going back to being the butt of every collapse joke over the summer, and here's some news that isn't news: it's going to absolutely suck.

It feels like there are rocks at the bottom of your heart. But you, dear readers, know this; I don't have to tell you.

Our team had a great run this year. Everyone knew coming in that the Blackhawks had freight trained the rest of their conference all season, and that they weren't going to be small potatoes to deal with, no matter what any of our MSM said during the series.

I'm sure everything will look brighter in the morning. The draft is only a few days away (oh wait, we don't have a first round pick...), free agency is around the corner as well (oh wait, the Bruins probably won't use any of their buyouts and OH GOD Nathan Horton) and then...

Only 99 days until October.

Thanks a bunch to everyone who's stopped by our site this year. We've had a record number of visitors in the 2013 season, and it's been incredible commenting with all of you. Running this place is a ton of fun and I'm glad we haven't run it into the ground yet, despite the insanity of the season.

To everyone who wrote for SCoC this season -- you all rock as well. Cornelius, thanks for stepping up and co-editing. Erin, your OTBH pieces are going to carry us through the offseason. Phunwin -- it's been really real, yours and Servo's fancystats articles have really raised the bar around here. Heather, your fan-oriented pieces are heartfelt and fantastic and a delight to read. Steph, your Providence coverage is unparalleled, as is your coverage of random fun Bruins stuff (Golden Stick Krejci!). Dan, you're pretty much the greatest trade-deadline acquisition we could have possibly made. Giesse, your links are so much more quality than mine ever were. And Joe, you're the grumpily realistic columnist that every blog needs.

Oh and by the way, Bobby16may and birda win the gif jennings. Just fyi.

Y'all rock. See you when the sun comes up.