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Fresh Links: Full Circle Edition

The Boston Bruins' abbreviated lockout season was both launched and concluded on a goal scored by Milan Lucic. Who would have guessed that final goal would be scored in the Stanley Cup Finals?

Harry How

Remember last fall? All the grinding and gnashing of teeth? We would have given anything to simply HAVE an NHL season, let alone thrill to the Bruins climbing as far as Game 6 of the SCF!

  • Here's Milan Lucic, a new father, opening the season we were not sure we'd ever see by scoring the Bruins' first goal against the New York Rangers on January 19th. []
  • Boston's cup hopes were "dashed in an instant," but optimism lingers. [NewEnglandHockeyJournal]
  • The Cup run was about a little bit more than just hockey. [NESN]
  • The Bruins' season was a maddening one to watch, and the Game 6 ending seemed fitting in a way. [WEEI]
  • Tuukka Rask has proven himself to be a number 1 caliber NHL goalie. [ESPN]
  • The Bruins/Blackhawks series was good hockey, respectful opponents squaring off rather than the finger-biting hatefest of the Bruins/Canucks series of 2011. [WEEI]
  • Courageous Patrice Bergeron had already been playing with a broken rib and torn rib cartilege, then suffered a separated shoulder during Game 6. [ESPN]
  • Andrew Ference thanks the Bruins fans. [@Ferknuckle]
  • Mark Recchi congratulates both teams. [@Markrecchi8]
  • Here's that comprehensive (and less biased) news compilation from around the NHL and beyond. [SportsIllustrated]
  • Sigh. The emboldened sore losers venture forth out from under their rock. U Mad? [PuckDaddy]
  • This is the CBC HNIC finals montage. Enjoy. [YouTube]
  • And to close the season, facing elimination in Game 6, Milan Lucic answered the call with what the Bruins had hoped would be the game winning goal. It ultimately was not. []