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Monday Morning Skate: Stay Safe, Prague

Czech on Czech goalscoring
Czech on Czech goalscoring

It seems like just yesterday on here we were singing the praises of our best Czech Hockey Player, David Krejci. Oh that's right, we were. Well, I found out last night that the Czech Republic has been flooding, and Prague has shut some metro stations and evacuated the sick and the elderly in some areas. They remember what happened in 2002, which was another flood with terrible consequences. They've done work since then to protect against floods.

The Bruins obviously employ David Krejci and Jaromir Jagr (though Chara was a bigger draw than Krejci in Prague in 2010) , while the Penguins have Tomas Vokoun. Plenty of fans of both teams over there as well, and then there are the people that aren't related at all to hockey in the slightest. Here's hoping that everyone stays safe over there.

This was written at 11pm Sunday night, ET, so I don't know if anything new will have developed in that time. Here's hoping they've got it covered by now.

In lighter news, it's gameday! What's on tap?