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Gif Recap: Bruins 6, Penguins 1. Game two. THERE WAS A QUOTA!!!!!

Bruce Bennett

I seriously am in shock right now so I will let the gifs do the talking. THE BRUINS MADE QUOTA. IN THE PLAYOFFS.

Aaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha nice turnover Sidney Crosby. AND NICE GOAL MARCHAND

Man Tuukka Rask was sharp

There was another goal

What, hello David Krejci, more goals for the Bruins

They weren't actually done; Brandon Sutter scored one for the Penguins, and then Brad Marchand scored the exact same goal for the Bruins, so uh, suck it Pens. FLEUUUUUUUUUUURY

The second period mostly just had this hit by matt cooke which...uhh, DO NOT HIT THE KRUG

Bergeron had a goal in the third because he's perfect. Johnny Boychuk added one too, because Boychuk.

Somehow people are still questioning Tuukka Rask despite the fact that we're 14 games into the playoffs and he's been stellar most of the way. Haters, keep hating, keep questioning. Rask is clearly thriving this series, as is the Bruins' defense, who limited Crosby and Malkin's lines to minimal shots and offensive zone chances. Game three is Wednesday. This is ridiculous. Go Bruins.