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Thursday Morning Skate: Coffeegeddon

Just a couple of wild and crazy guys!
Just a couple of wild and crazy guys!
Jared Wickerham


Before you even get into "what's on tap" it's most assuredly coffee. Maybe red bull. Maybe monster, or tea or the blood of the nevermind. One way or another, if you're reading this when it posted you definitely didn't get enough sleep last night.

Definitely. I know I didn't.

But that's what happens when the Bruins go into double OT and the first question on half the garden's mind after the Bruins score is "Is the T still running?" (It was.)

As you've probably already heard, Campbell is done for the playoffs with a Broken Fucking Leg. Oh yeah, he killed a penalty on it. Killed a Penalty on his broken leg. Last guy I saw do that was Ference. Innnnncredible.

So that leaves a hole at center. Who ya got? Give me your still-half-asleep lineups!