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Well, it happened. The Bruins won the Eastern Conference Finals. They didn't just win, they dominated. And who gets to feel bad about it?

Jarome Iginla.

He picked wrong. Real wrong. Let's take a walk down memory line, shall we?

Mid-March: Jarome Iginla gives Calgary a list of 4 teams he'll accept a trade to. They are Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and LA. Calgary GM Jay Feaster works on deals with those teams and the media hoopla has the Bruins as favorites to land Iginla.

March 27: Jarome Iginla sits out of the Calgary Flames game as a healthy scratch, leading to wild speculation that he had been traded. The Bruins sit newly-resigned Matt Bartkowski and Alexander Khokhlachev. Many go to bed happy that Jarome was coming to Boston. Certain boston bloggers stay up way too late planning a full day of Jarome Iginla Is The Greatest coverage.

Just before 1:30am, March 28th:

Bob McKenzie said it, so it must be true. And it was. What a nightmare that was. Peter Chiarelli holds a press conference to trash Calgary and explain that he was told the deal was done. Jarome Iginla had picked Pittsburgh over Boston.

April 2: The Boston Bruins acquire former Penguins superstar Jaromir Jagr from the Dallas Stars. myBruinsOface's Lane Macdermid jersey immediately becomes a collector's item. We got Jagr, baby. Jagr. My phone starts to auto-correct to Jaromirection after one too many late nights with the Days of Y'Orr boys.

April 2, 2 hours later: TomServo42 publishes his masterpiece, Why Jagr is Better than Iginla.

How about the PK? Who cares, we're the Bruins. We've got that covered.

April 20: Jarome Iginla and the Penguins come to Boston. Nathan Horton and Jarome Iginla fight.

May 24: James Neal is listed as first star of the night as the Penguins complete a 4-1 series victory over the Ottawa Senators, propelling them into the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since the 2009 cup run.

May 25: Gregory Campbell is named first star of the night as the Bruins complete a 4-1 series victory over the New York Rangers, propelling them into the Eastern Conference Finals for the second time in 3 years.

Following week: The schedule is released, and it is revealed that the Bruins and Penguin have a week off.

May 29: Spezzal Teams Playa posts a gif of Jarome Iginla falling down.

June 1: The Bruins beat the Penguins 3-0 in game 1 in Pittsburgh.

June 3: The Bruins beat the Penguins 6-1 in game 2 in Pittsburgh.

June 5: The Bruins beat the Penguins 2-1 in game 3 in double overtime in Boston.

June 7: The Bruins beat the Penguins 1-0 in game 4 in Boston, completing the annihilation.

What did Jarome Iginla have to say about that?