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Better know a Dumb Jerk: Brandon Saad


"Kneel before Saad."

"The Saad-father."

These are just a few of the dumb stupid nicknames that dumb idiot Blackhawks fans have come up with for the dumb jerk himself, Brandon Saad. It's his first season in the NHL after playing for the Saginaw Spirit in juniors (yes, he's one of those terrible American who deigned to play for a CHL team instead of going to college.)

I mean, really?

He's also from the city of Pittsburgh. Awesome. And by awesome I mean barf, as if Pittsburgh fans actually need more reasons to hop on the Blackhawks' bandwagon. It'd be one thing if he played for a likable team, or went to college to play NCAA hockey like an awesome American, but...

...wait, that's Matt Bartkowski in a nutshell. Oh. You suck, Saad.

He was drafted 43rd overall in 2011, a few spots behind our own Alexander Khokhlachev. Since then, he's amassed 10 goals and 18 assists through 48 regular season games, and five assists through 17 playoff games.

Here's a nice goal he scored one time against a crappy team. Oh and enjoy the horrific homer-ness of the Chicago broadcast.

Saad is a finalist for the Calder Trophy which is dumb because sure, if you're playing on a team with a bunch of GOOD players, you're probably going to score a bunch of points unless you're a complete pylon of a human being with no motor skills. The trophy should actually go to Florida's Jonathan Huberdeau, for being solid DESPITE his team, but that's another argument for another day.

In conclusion: At least his name is good for dumb puns.