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2013 Report Cards: Jay Pandolfo

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Pandolfo joined the Bruins during the lockout. He lived nearby and didn't mind running practices for the Bruins that were in Boston while Jeremy Jacobs squeezed every last penny out of the players we root for by canceling half the season. So he's at least partially responsible for the hot start that propelled our season in a playoffs direction.

Which is why I think they signed him. It's not because he was a big help on game ice. They were just thankful that he had helped them out. So when they needed an extra guy in the middle of the season, they signed him. He barely played, and for good reason - he wasn't very good anymore. Out of all Bruins players that played at least 5 games, Jay Pandolfo stands alone as the only one who wasn't on ice for any goals for. Yep, the only one. The only guy that played against weaker competition was Carl Soderberg.

The last time we saw him in black and gold, he was skating warmups before game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final. He didn't warm up because it was at all likely he'd play, though. It's now obvious that it was a parting gift from a grateful coaching staff to a local boy that helped them out when they couldn't run practics. Like make-a-wish for retiring players.

Final Grade: Incomplete

He's old and he obviously can't hack it in the NHL anymore. Enjoy retirement, Jay. Good luck coaching (or whatever you're going to do)