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Wednesday Morning Skate: Spending Jacobs' Money

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Bruce Bennett

I like Kirk Luedeke well enough and he knows prospects better than I ever will, but this tweet is a little...clueless:

While the face of it seems legitimate: Fans certainly did say Jacobs wouldn't spend enough then, and want smaller cap hits now. However, the motivation remains the same: We all want the team to win, and any step up is one we should take. Back in the bad old days of the height of Jacobs penny-pinching, the competitive advantage was in being able to pay players more money than others. That's why the Red Wings were so successful. They wrote big checks to good players and - lo and behold - it got them a bunch of cups. Heck, they even got one during the cap era.

But in a salary cap league, and especially one where every fan has easy access to, we know the deal. There's a hard number that every player's cap hit has to be under, and so we root for smaller deals. It's not like we want Jacobs to spend less or anything. If possible, I'd like players to have tiny cap hits and Jacobs to give them each tens of millions, and maybe Jeremy Lockout can spare a little for me too.

Anyways, what's on tap?