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Friday Morning Skate: F%#k Off From Work Friday

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Jared Wickerham

It's friday, everyone! We've got some content coming at you live today, including an interesting opportunity for the good people of the internet. No, it's not a shill post or anything. Promise.

Anyways, here's my advice: fuck off from work if you can. Spend time on the site. Or youtube. There have to be a solid 8 hours of cat videos you haven't seen yet. What about the cat that jumps into all the boxes? Have you checked that one out recently? Narcoleptic dogs? Whatever.

Or freak out about Ilya Kovalchuk leaving 10+ million each year for the next 5 years on the table. That's a lot of money. Your average American male with a bachelor's degree can expect to make 1.8 million over the course of their life. Ilya Kovalchuk would've made that after his 13th NHL game next season. But he's leaving it all on the table. Why?

Because Lou is not to be fucked with. Well, that and that Kovalchuk is making 20 million in Russia. Thanks for fucking the Devils just a bit, Ilya. Thanks.

Anyways, should be some things up today. Enjoy them.