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From Florida to Saskatoon: Bruins announce possibly wackiest non-Eurotrip preseason schedule yet

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Far from their usual "let's go to the maritimes and maybe Long Island!" preseason schedule, this year's involves a lot of travel in North America.

Bruce Bennett

The Bruins and their rookies will hop from Florida to Quebec to Baltimore to Boston to Detroit to Boston to Winnipeg to Saskatoon this year, and all before the first game of the season even happens. It'll include two home games and five away games. Here's what it looks like:

Sept 3: Rookie Camp opens
Sept 6-8: Rookie tournament in Coral Springs, FL

Sept 11: Big Kids Training camp opens
Sept 16: Bruins vs. Canadiens at Bell Centre, 7pm EST
Sept 17: Bruins vs. Caps in Baltimore (Baltimore Hockey Classic), 7pm EST
Sept 19: Bruins vs. Red Wings in Boston, 7pm EST
Sept 21: Bruins vs. Red Wings in Detroit, 7pm EST
Sept 23: Bruins vs. Capitals in Boston, 7pm EST
Sept 26: Bruins vs. Jets in Winnipeg, 8pm EST
Sept 27: Bruins vs. Jets in Saskatoon (wtf?) 8pm EST

So it's a little goofy, and it's a lot of travel, but at least it's interesting? And it's hockey less than two months away, which is never a bad thing. Let's hear it for short offseasons!