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The 5 Most Interesting Games on the Theoretical Bruins Schedule

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Ronald Martinez

The schedule is due out yesterday, but we know the basics of the structure. Every team plays in Boston, and the Bruins play at every arena. We play our FlorthEast division rivals twice at home and twice away. That's 29 home games plus, the 7 bonus games against division rivals. That's 36 home games. The remaining 5 will be extras vs...somebody. But we have the basics, so we'll just circle some dates before we even have the dates

1. Home game vs Dallas

Rich Peverley's triumphant return, along with that creep Tyler Seguin. If Loui scores against Dallas, do we chant "Thank you Tyler"? I haven't decided. Also of note: this will be the first Dallas @ Boston game since Dallas Game 2: Three Fights In Four Seconds. (Dallas Game I was great, too) Will we get a massive rematch?

3. Iginla's first game vs. Calgary

The last couple times that the Bruins played the Flames, it went pretty well. Here's hoping that continues. The Bruins haven't visited Calgary since 2011 (3-1 win) and over the last 2 games in Boston, the Bruins have won by a total of 14-0. With any luck, the Flames are still a sad sack team and Iginla can score in Calgary again. And also in Boston.

2. Home game vs Pittsburgh

Prediction: Pittsburgh will score more than 2 goals. Jarome Iginla faces his short-term last team. Bartkowski to Iginla to behind Fleury would be sweet, sweet justice. Make it happen, y'all.

4. Home game vs Columbus

Nathan Horton returns to Boston, riding shotgun with known Bruins killer Marion Gaborik. Or at least, they'll be here if Columbus is scheduled in the second half of the season. Otherwise, Horton will be recovering from shoulder surgery.

5. Away Game at Islanders

Getting to the end of the Pile on the Isle era in Long Island. This one isn't necessarily an exciting matchup, but it should make for a killer road trip.

Not-honorable mentions:

5 games vs. Florida. Much like Ottawa and Buffalo being our "divisional rivals" last season, it looks like Florida is one of our "divisional rivals" this year. We play them 5 times. Sure, Barkov and Huberdeau are exciting but losing to them would suck and winning against them barely feels like a win.

What do you think? Which games are you looking forward to?