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Weekend Roundup: Everything is Happening! (or will be, eventually)

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We have a schedule! And a field trip! And an Olympic tournament!

до свидания!
до свидания!
Martin Rose
  • The Fort Bragg Patriots are hitting the ice to raise money for their wounded colleagues. [The New York Times]
  • For the Seguinista looking to follow TyTy to the Lone Star state, the Dallas Stars have unveiled a new ticket pricing plan. [SportsDayDFW]
  • Colin Pineau says it's time for the NHL to do away with the instigator rule. [The Hockey Writers]
  • In Russia, gold medal wins you! Lots of pressure on the host Russkies to come out on top at Sochi. []
  • Speaking of Sochi, it's right around the corner - and everything you need to know about the schedule can be found here, comrade. [CBS Sports]
  • The Chicago Blackhawks picked up two blueliners yesterday. []
  • Former Terrier Brandon Yip has re-upped with the Phoenix Coyotes. [Coyotes' Official Site]
  • Not a Corsi Corgi? You, too, can pretend to know what you're talking about! [Down Goes Brown @ Grantland]
  • Bill Daly apparently didn't want to hurt the feelings of any grizzled NHL greats during the division naming process. [Cross Checks]
  • There's quite the grab bag of free agency leftovers two weeks out. Where will these guys land? [The Hockey News]
  • You may not have heard, but the NHL announced the 2013-14 schedule yesterday. []

Chowder Shout Out:

This is not hockey, but I'm linking it anyway:

  • Your cat is probably a murderer. Don't believe me? Check it out. [The Oatmeal]