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Fresh Links: Looking Past Preseason Edition

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The big story now is the (mostly speculative) debate about who will proceed from Olympic orientation camp to The Games and who will get sent home. Five Bruins (so far) got invited to camp (but Krejci and Chara should be next). With one hundred and ninety-nine days to go, let the rosterbation now begin in earnest.

Here's one Bruins I didn't expect to be on Team Canada's initial list...
Here's one Bruins I didn't expect to be on Team Canada's initial list...

Bruins News:

• Marchand, and Lucic, and Bergy, oh my! Three Bruins forwards invited to Hockey Canada’s National Team orientation camp in Calgary. [CBC]

• Prospect D-man Matt Benning had ties to the Bruins organization even before being drafted. []

NHL News:

• Care to see how many miles each team will travel this year—pending the little things like tempests snowstorms, unforeseen bus fires, etc.—as compared to the past two full (I hate you, Jeremy Lockout) seasons? [OnTheForecheck]

Olympic News:

• All the important major big-name teams’ Olympic camp rosters have been released. See them all at…

Canada, Russia, USA, Finland, Sweden

Other News:

• Ladies, Ladies. Have some Jagr photoshops. [DOY]

• South Carolina Stingrays added ECHL All-Star Justin Maylan and NCAA championship finalist Zack Currie to their roster. []

• New college hockey league the National Colligate Hockey Conference (aka “The National”) named their conference commissioner. [UNOAthletics]