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Fresh Links: Just A Perfect Day Edition

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Since I’m now keeping the (un)official countdown clock…fifty-four days until preseason; one hundred and ninety-eight days until Olympic competition begins. Also, HUZZAH, it’s hump day! Happy Wednesday, all y’all.

Oh, Patrice. You so perf.
Oh, Patrice. You so perf.

Bruins News:

• A very very happy birthday joyeux anniversaire to our dearest darlingest Perfect Patrice! [BostonGlobe]

• And some pretty pictures of Perfect Patrice (thanks, Steph). [tumblr]

• Two more letters in his surname and we coulda had ourselves some wicked Batman jokes with this goalie prospect. As it is, no such luck. Zane Gothberg, everyone. []

NHL News:

• Do you have access to the internet? Obviously you do if you’re Chowdering (after dark).Then you, too, can vote! This week, vote on the best NHL milestone moment of the 1990s. []

Olympic News:

• 68.75% of the players invited to Team USA’s Olympic camp (God, I wanna call it “dev camp”) are NCAA alumni. Here’s to the ‘Murican school system. [WesternCollegeHockeyBlog]

• There is talk of the US boycotting the Olympics. No, I’m not kidding. /le sigh [SportsIllustrated]

Other News:

• BC commit Conor McGlynn to go to “the O” instead. []

• Massachusetts’ Governor Patrick volunteered at the Greater Chicago Food Depository after losing his Stanley Cup bet with the governor of Illinois. []