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Thursday Morning Skate: Detroit Is An Embarassment

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Bruce Bennett

So, Detroit declared bankruptcy a week or so ago. But don't worry, they still are going to spend 284 million tax dollars on a shiny new arena for the Red Wings. These sorts of deals are, frankly, embarrassing to sports and to local government. On the one hand, the owner of the Red Wings (aka the man that will profit off of a new arena) can afford to build the arena. What's he going to do, move the team to Hamilton? It's the Detroit Red Wings and it has been for almost ever. I don't think Ilitch will move the team. Not while his Tigers yet breathe life.

On the other, that 284 million dollars could be going to some slightly-more-critical things, like education, feeding the hungry, knocking down abandoned buildings, all sorts of things. A budget proposal back in March, before all of the bankruptcy, planned to just not fill almost 50 police and firefighter positions. Because Detroit isn't known for crime or anything.

So when you're needling new Flortheast pals Detroit, remember to get economical on them.

Anyways, what's on tap?