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Weekend Roundup: How Swede It Is Edition

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Swedes! More Hall of Famers! The Habs are... whatever. Shocking BobbyLu drama! Yeehaw!

Bork! Bork! Bork!
Bork! Bork! Bork!
Martin Rose

Luckily, we have the Grabbo saga, Nikolai Zherdev being let go by his KHL team, Olympic rosterbation, an ongoing goalie controversy in Vancouver (despite their only having one goalie), and field trip talk to get us through this offseason... and we thought we'd be bored!

Some delicious hockey links:

  • The U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame unveiled its Class of 2013. [USA Today]
  • Not that you care (you shouldn't), but the Montreal Canadiens have plenty to prove this season. No, Habs, no! [The Hockey Writers]
  • Everyone's favorite gingers, a new Bruin, and the handsomest man in existence are on Team Sweden's preliminary hockey roster. [CBC Sports]
  • Gilles Lupien, agent to Roberto Luongo and former Montreal Canadien, says Luongo was on the receivng end of some poor treatment by the Vancouver Canucks. [ProHockeyTalk]
  • Down Goes Brown covers some perplexing decisions made this offseason. [Down Goes Brown, via Grantland]
  • More free agency leftovers: who's still available, and where might they land? [The Hockey News]
  • Oops, the Bruins let a local Swede get away - the Ottawa Senators have inked Northeastern Husky Ludwig Karlsson. []
  • The Hartford Whalers Carolina Hurricanes signed former Sabre Nathan Gerbe. []
  • Nikolai Zherdev will be playing for Zdeno Chara's former KHL team, Lev Prague, after having been released by Atlant Moscow Oblast. [RIA Novotsi]
  • Pavel Datsyuk has got the moves.[NESN]
This is not hockey:
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