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Fresh Links: Birthday Edition

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Happy birthday to Ted Lindsay, Pete Conacher, and Tye McGinn! It's an honor to share my natal day with you fine fellows. Let's have some links to celebrate!

Martin Rose

  • Many Bruins are on the road to Sochi! Still! Some more! [isportsweb]
  • A great piece in "anchoring bias", or why some players seem to become a team's goat in the eyes of fans (aka people who started hating on Chara after the Final) [thescore]
  • Given that, it will be interesting to see where Chara falls on the list that comes out of the research on shut-down defensemen of the past season. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Erstwhile Bruin Blake Wheeler got paid, yo, and what does that tell us about that state of big contracts. [Puck Daddy]
  • Erstwhile Bruin Andrew Ference has been working hard for the money. [vine]
  • A look at the youngest player invited to B's development camp, Wiley Sherman, []
Non-Bruins related fun facts:
  • Nathan Walker, everyone's favorite Australian hockey player, has been invited to Caps camp as a free agent! [The Younstown Vindicator]
  • Did you know that melted ice is water? And that you can sell it? Yup. []
  • And who is the best free agent goalie not playing in the NHL these days, anyway? [HockeyBuzz]