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Fresh Links: Happy Tuesday Edition

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Here’s some Tuesday links, a nice mix of fluffy summer “hey-there’s-no-hockey-let’s-pretend-people-care-about-our-human-interest-stories” stories, discussion about things that get put on the backburner during the season, and um other shutffs. Have at it.

Aaaaaay Paille
Aaaaaay Paille
Jim Rogash

Bruins News:

• Ahhhh, summer nostalgia. Childhood memories abound in Gregory Campbell’s barn. []

• Who’s a good goalie? Tuukka’s a good goalie. [SportsMedia101]

• Paille has confidence in the team, despite the short offseason (video). [NESN]

• Oh, the question that is Jordan Caron. Let’s hash it out. [TheHockeyWriters]

• And if you’re looking to hurt yourself on this fine Tuesday, may I suggest some of this? [BleacherReport]

NHL News:

• Let’s chat aboot the shootout. []

• These teams are overrated. No, really. That’s what this article is about. [TheHockeyWriters]

Other News:

• If you’re aware a player will miss two games if he makes the Olympic team, do you take him anyways or instead choose someone who will be able to play every game? This is just the conundrum Team Sweden is facing in the case of Alex Edler. [TheScore]