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Fresh Links: kNOw PAIN, kNOw GAIN Edition

Looch works out, we’re number two guess who beat us DOY, FLORTHEAST is easy-hard, whoot Barkowski, Seattle hockey, moar goalies, and bad awful terrible terribad hockey commercials just for a laugh.

Jared Wickerham

Bruins News:

• No more “Fat/Slow Lucic” jokes this season, no sir! Looks like Milan’s hitting the gym (let’s be honest; he only went to the gym because he knew he was gonna get filmed by #BearTracks) []

• Here are five websites all y’all oughta have bookmarked (HINT HINT we’re number two, we’re number two). [BleacherReport]

• Successfully talking out of both sides of their mouth, RantSports claims that our new division (#FLORTHEAST 5evah) is both easier and harder. Because apparently every division isn’t always like that. [RantSports]

• Now that Fer is gone, the B’s as a whole are looking a lot younger on D. Perhaps it’s Bart’s chance. (Beware; this is ESPN). [ESPN]

NHL News:

• Yaaaaay expansion! Are we gonna see a team in Seattle soon? [PuckDaddy]

• Yaaaaay goalies! Here are the top goalie moments of 2012-13 season. []

Other News:

• As hockey fans, we all love hockey commercials and non-hockey commercials with hockey players (Brad Marchand, Shawn Thornton, anyone?) in them. Here are the twelve worst hockey commercials ever. Like, ever. [CBSSports]