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A Crazy Idea: We're Making Jerseys

A quick update about where we're at with the jerseys

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Like this, but different.
Like this, but different.
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

So a little while back I posted A Crazy Idea about making jerseys for Stanley Cup of Chowder. Well, now we're trying to make it a reality. So, here's the deal: We need 10 people to buy jerseys in order for them to screenprint a logo onto the jersey. Then, to put name/number on it would be a bit extra after that. For total cost, for a brand new and unique jersey (that totally won't make you look like a dork I swear) depends on whether you want name/number heat-sealed on or sewn on, pro-style. You can also have a blank. I would go pro-style if I were you, but you don't have to.

Anyhow, the prices are:

  • Jersey, pro-style lettering: $195
  • Jersey, heat-sealed lettering: $135
  • Jersey, no lettering: $105

I checked with the folks making it and they can do a mixed order so if you want one but don't want to go all out for actual nice lettering/numbers (and I would if I were you) we can still do an order. However, we need at least 10 people to order them in order to actually get them at these prices.

This is where you come in. I've set up an indiegogo campaign to collect money to buy these jerseys. As soon as my paypal account gets verified in a little bit, I'll be throwing the link up here. You'll have until September 17th to contribute, and then we put the order in and when we get them back I mail them out to everyone. Shipping is included in the cost.

Anyhow, this is gonna be sweet.