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GOLD EVERYTHING. Providence Bruins make major updates to uniforms for 2013-2014


Providence is making some major updates to their uniforms for the 2013-2014 season. After debuting their new primary logo ahead of last season, during which they hosted the AHL All-Star Game, they started wearing their gold jerseys very frequently at home. However, their black "road" jerseys still featured the old-style spoked P, matching the rarely-worn home whites. This much-needed refresh almost entirely removes the color white from the Providence color scheme, only featuring it minimally in the logo and on stripes on two of the three jerseys. Let's compare last year's uniform's to this year's.

Home Uniform: GOLD GOLD GOLD

Last year:

This year:

There are two major changes between last year's gold unis and this year's, and you can see it even more obviously in this photo: the yoke is completely different. No more extraneous black stripe below the touch of white, and probably the best change aesthetically: The nameplate no longer looks hastily slapped on. It's a clean chunk of gold on gold, rather than gold on whoops we didn't plan this out very well so now that nice black/white stripe is broken up. The overall design, especially in the yoke, looks like an inversion of the black "road" uniforms - they've spliced the two designs together very nicely.

The second major change is obviously the helmet. Whoever suggested that gold helmets might be a fun idea deserves all the nice things in life.

This new uniform will look spectacular, and it's definitely the most colorful in the Atlantic division as of right now, since Manchester seems to have followed LA's lead and switched mostly to black/silver.

ROAD UNIFORM: Everything MATCHES, you say?

Last year:

This year:

Again, the major change that really needed to be made to these uniforms was the crest. It's been updated to the new gold "P," and the striping on the sleeves/bottom of the torso are cleaned up (no more black separating the gold/white). The only other significant change is that the nameplate has been changed to gold, to remove the white lettering. It's different, and again, fits nicely in with the whole updated package.

Also they flipped the striping on the socks so that it actually matches the jersey. Nice. The non-matching socks did look a little jankety before, so that's a good update.

Third Jerseys: Boston-esque with a few tweaks

Last year:

This year:

The Providence third jerseys have reflected Boston's thirds for a few years - same shell-shaped crest, only with "Providence" instead of Boston. This rebranding gives Providence an opportunity to make their own identity away from the NHL club, and they've done that with this third jersey. Gone is all the white piping - from the socks, the sleeves, even from the jersey numbers. The nameplate has been changed to gold, and the shoulder patches updated. All in all not huge changes, but enough to make these uniforms looks significantly different from Boston's thirds - and sharp as hell to boot.

Overall, these are some pretty nice updates for the Bruins' AHL affiliate. It's going to be pretty sweet to see guys like Subban, Knight, Khokhlachev and Morrow lighting it up wearing these down in Rhode Island.

All new uniform photos courtesy of the Providence Bruins