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Fresh Links: 45 Days Edition

Can you hop eagerly from one foot to the other for that long?

Gregory Campbell rakes through a pile of Leafs
Gregory Campbell rakes through a pile of Leafs
Jared Wickerham

<p><b> Countdown to hockey day! </b></p>


<li> Don't forget to check your Boston Bruins Countdown Calendar. [<a href="">HowManyDaysUntilHockey</a>]</li>

<li> Gregory Campbell will be adjusting his skates to accomodate his new hardware (plates and screws) and has tempered his workout as he awaits medical clearance to return to the ice. [<a href="">NHL</a>]</li>

<li> Here's the 411 on Alexander Fallstrom, an Harvard educated, net crashing, Swedish right winger- what's not to love? [<a href="">CausewayCrowd</a>]</li>

<li> There were conflicting reports that Jose Theodore might be signing with the Bruins... or not. [<a href="">CBSSports</a>]</li>

<li> This Tweeter has what Tuukka Rask wants! [<a href="">@BergeronProcess</a>]</li>

<li> Columbus Blue Jackets bloggers threw a GREAT party, Cannonfest IV, drawing big guns- a great blueprint for similar events. [<a href="">JacketsCannon</a>]</li>

<li> Backhand Shelf posted a podcast August 15th, lots on the Daniel Alfredsson fallout, Whitey Bulger's ring, and Sidney Crosby at the DMV. It was good to hear hockey talk again. [<a href="">BackhandShelf</a>]</li>

<li> As the Olympics approach, Henrik Lundqvist was diplomatic regarding his stance on You Can Play. Fellow Swedes Henrik Zetterberg and Victor Hedman were blunt. [<a href="">PuckDaddy</a>]</li>

<li> Even Patrick Burke opposes a boycott of the Sochi Olympics, preferring to use the teaching moment. [<a href="">USAToday</a>]</li>

<li> Andrew Ference WINS for his shrewd, pointed Twitter campaign to let Matt Brown participate in the New York City Marathon being wheeled by Army Ranger Lucas Carr. Bravo and well done, sir! [<a href="">BostInno</a>]</li>