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Fresh Links: Friday I'm In (not) Love Edition

Not in love with the off-season, that is. Just over 30 days until training camp, here's some bits and bobs of news to get you through.

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Torey Krug is pumped for Friday.
Torey Krug is pumped for Friday.
Alex Trautwig

Bruins News!

  • As we approach training camp, which Bruins will be the most interesting to watch? [thehockeywriters]
  • A bit on Boston sports radio, which some speculation that Leah Hextall is NOT a candidate to replace Naoko as rink-side reporter (sniff). [thebostonglobe]
  • 90th anniversary patch, y'all -- plus a history of other Bruins patches. [NESN]
  • Evaluating the Bruins' off-season moves so far. Remember that time they signed Iginla? I keep forgetting, somehow. [CLNSRadio]
NHL Goings-Ons
  • Jay Bouwmeester signs big with the Blues. [St. Louis Gametime]
  • Why are Canadian kids not playing hockey? [GlobeandMail]
  • I love Justin Bourne, and basically everything he writes, and this piece on August 1 and the start of the skating part of the offseason is predictably great. [BackhandShelf]
  • And finally, Puck Daddy's offseason project is the Hockey League of Nations. It's starts out with the Duckies, and spoiler: a dude you may have heard of is the Ducks' best ever player from Finland. #teemuforever [PuckDaddy]