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Video: The Bet

Two men. A Bet. One Cup. One Tattoo.

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So it's August and hockey is pretty dead, and things have even started to slow down at the local movie theater (unless you're going to see Pacific Rim for the umpteenth time.)

Thankfully two good Canadian boys have teamed up to produce this sweet sweet documentary to fill all the holes.

Here's the premise: Ryan Le Sage and Jamie Meegan have been friends for ten years, and they agree on a bet that stipulates if the other guy's favorite team ever wins the Stanley Cup, they will get a tattoo of that team's logo. Simple enough.

The kicker? Le Sage is a die-hard Bruins fan, Meegan loves the Canucks, and the bet was made five years ago when neither thought the two teams might one day battle each other for the Cup.

Cut to 2011 where we all know what happened, and to 2013, when this beautiful piece of film was created.

So please, kick back and enjoy "The Bet".

The Bet from Dog Driver Media on Vimeo.