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Weekend Roundup: Wake Me Up When September Ends Edition

Hockey is coming back, slowly but surely (no CBA to deal with this year; whoo!) Until then, enjoy some weekend links.


Bruins News:

• There can be no light without the darkness, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, etcetera, etcetera. Thusly, we could not have our most magical and heroic of Bruins heroes without some equally infamous and renowned villains. [BlearcherReport]

• Pie, Thorts, and Tuukka on a sucky end to last season, moving on, and looking forward to the coming one. [ESPNBoston]

• All-Time Boston Bruins Roster, complete with video clips. [CBSSports]

• If you thought that the Jesus tattoo a while back was something, here’s something even better (bonus points for Sedin mauling by someone/thing other than Brad Marchand). [PuckDaddy]

• I literally read this article six times and the words that keep sticking out are “hockey kingdoms”. Um, it’s worth the read if you wanna look like an owl with your head cocked to the side in confusion. [TheHill]

NHL News:

• Baby Sega’s trying to show everybody that he’s a grown-ass man and can assume a leadership spot in The Big D. G’luck with that one, budday. [BleacherReport]

• What will the Islander’s do with the Nassau Coliseum once they move? Here’s a hint (and some cool picture/drawing/things). [TheAtlanticCitites]

Other News:

• Jeopardy! And Phil Esposito. No, really. [CBCSports]

• BABY TEEMU (AKA EETU). ‘Nuf said. []