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Notice to the National Hockey League: Brad Marchand is ready for you

Thanks to John Moore (@rinkrant) for this glorious video.

Harry How

Forget PK Subban's workout videos. Video has surfaced of Brad Marchand's offseason training and he looks like he's ready to completely destroy the NHL next season.  He's working out with such great hockey players as Sidney Crosby and Andrew Bodnarchuk (a Manchester fan favorite) in Halifax.

Check it out:

Just look at the form on this sled push. And the face.

And here is Andrew Bodnarchuk, just for fun. Personally I'm more impressed with his hair than his sled pushing skills:

You can watch the whole video here, as well as another video of "possible future Olympic teammates" Crosby and Marchand scrimmaging here. That is definitely the best possible headline for that video.