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Monday Morning Skate: Kory Sheets and Fred Stamps wow in close Victory for Saskatchewan over Edmonton

Kory Sheets takes off
Kory Sheets takes off
Canadian Press

Nobody likes Edmonton. Now imagine if their football team didn't have the historic mystique that the hockey team does. Yeah, that's pretty bad. The current Edmonton Eskimos don't have a whole lot of mystique themselves, especially in Edmonton this year where they've yet to win a home game. After Saturday's game, the Roughriders are responsible for two of those.

Fred Stamps did his usual Fred Stamps thing, scoring a couple of highlight-reel touchdowns. In one, he's completely uncovered in the endzone. In the other, he actually has to work for. But he did the work and that's why he scored two TDs. Luckily, Kory Sheets also dropped another two TDs onto the scoresheet so that cancelled out. Edmonton scored two field goals and one more touchdown, but Chris Milo stepped up and drilled 5 out of 5 field goals for Saskatchewan to take the game. The scoring didn't happen in that exact order, but it's the final score that counts anyways.

Saskatchewan Roughrider Geroy Simon eclipsed the 16,000 yard mark in the game, as well. He holds the all-time record for CFL receiving yards.

Saskatchewan takes on Winnipeg Saturday at 4pm in an attempt to stretch their best start since 1971.

What's on tap, y'all?