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All of the second-guessing is over and here's where we're at: We're ready to start taking orders for Stanley Cup of Chowder jerseys. For real.

This is where you can order one.

All jerseys are delightful-looking. They sit on a #TeamPooh base, and use the Smug Pooh Bear as the front logo. Shoulder logos will be the official blog logo. You can get a blank one or have it customized (for a fee).

  • Blank Jersey: $100
  • Jersey, customized with single-color heat-seal lettering. Name and number. $130
  • Jersey, pro-style customized: $190

Yes, the price is steep for pro-style customization. But we can also get blanks at a quite decent rate. This is a hockey jersey like any other. But different, as it'll be a Stanley Cup of Chowder jersey. Note: I'm not making any money on the deal here. Prices include shipping.


You don't need to choose a size with your order just yet, I'll make sure to get that from you before we order.

Sizing chart will go here.


Orders are open through September 16th. We need 10 orders through the indiegogo site in order to actually order them.

Order Here.