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2013 Report Cards: Aaron Johnson

And now, the report card that everyone's been waiting with bated breath for... Ok, we forgot he was on the team too.

Aaron(s), Johnson.
Aaron(s), Johnson.
Jason Smith


Aaron Johnson GP G A P PP S SH% CorsiRel PDO Ozone ATOI
Season 10 0 0 0 0 8 0 6.4 .925 57.1 14:52
Playoffs 0 yeah right fat chance even dougie sat .on 9th floor

Coming from a dreadful Columbus team with a thin blueline, Aaron Johnson, he of the most relief-pitcher sounding name in the NHL, had been playing well out of his depth and it showed. But in a handful of games in black and gold, Johnson wildly exceeded expectations by not being an abject liability.

Offensively, Johnson gave the team bupkis. He contributed to not one single goal in ten games with 13.4 minutes of even strength play and only idly watched four goals scored with him on the ice. On the other end, the same amount entered the Bruins net. In that scant 10 games, Johnson's CorsiOn (22.4) is stellar. Beneficiary of some overall great team play in those games, this is a bit misleading as the flow of play when he was off ice was nearly as good. Nonetheless, this resulted in a pretty damn solid 6.4 CorsiRel, though keep in mind one or two iffy games could erase that in a hurry. From what little we saw of him, he acquitted himself. When he was on the ice, not much of note was going to happen, but we weren't boned.

Compared to the other part-timers, Bartkowski offered very similar overall results but carried some promise of offense. Redden's offensive indicators were stronger still, though he carried a good deal more risk on the other end of the ice - he taketh away more than he giveth.

Would Johnson have been worth keeping around as a 7th D for cheap? Not at a mere savings of 50k over Bartman. The Rangers got a nice bargain on a safe spare part, reuniting him with much better former Blue Jacket John Moore, but I don't think we'll be kicking ourselves over the one that got away here.