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Fresh Links: In Stitches Edition

Always leave 'em laughing. Or if you're Andrew Shaw of the Blackhawks, even a sad reminder of injury on an otherwise triumphant evening can be used to benefit charities fighting breast cancer. Sticktap to you, sir.

Andrew Shaw took a puck to the face in SCF Game #6
Andrew Shaw took a puck to the face in SCF Game #6

<p><b>ProHockeyTalk completed yesterday's coverage devoted to the Bruins. Be advised, today's featured team is the Habs. </b></p>


<li> How much does Zdeno Chara have left in the tank? [<a href="">ProHockeyTalk</a>]</li>

<li> Claude Julien has earned a place in the pantheon of Bruins' coaching greats, but where, exactly? Vote here! [<a href="">ProHockeyTalk</a>]</li>

<li> Tuukka Rask moves on to his next challenge... representing Finland in the Olympics. [<a href="">ProHockeyTalk</a>]</li>

<li> Matt Grzelcyk is still on the roster for Team USA WJC after this round of cuts. Here's an overview of camp, with pictures. [<a href="">HockeyBuzz</a>]</li>

<li> The forgettable final years in the otherwise good (or even stellar) careers of 17 NHL veterans. [<a href="">Grantland</a>]</li>

<li> Kicking the tires on Ranger Benoit Pouliot, a look at the former Bruin journeyman and his contract. Why it may make sense to give him another look, and at whose expense. [<a href="">BackhandShelf</a>]</li>

<li> A Modest Proposal...Tim Thomas could be be an answer for the Florida Panthers. [<a href="">LitterBoxCats</a>]</li>

<li> A round of applause, please, for a singular (if icky) charitable gesture by Blackhawk Andrew Shaw. [<a href="">PuckDaddy</a>]</li>

<li> And a dope slap to this predator (lower case) for assaulting her son's hockey teammates. [<a href="">Sports.Yahoo</a>]</li>

<li> Here's some fodder for off-season cud chewing, a take on the cost of doing business for NHL teams. [<a href="">WelcomeToYourKarlssonYears</a>]</li>