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Fresh Links: Extra! Extra! Edition

"Behind the B" offers an unprecidented look at Bruins staff, players, and events both on and off ice.

Fans applaud Episode #1 of "Beyond the B"
Fans applaud Episode #1 of "Beyond the B"
Tasos Katopodis

<p><b> The new 'Beyond the B' has everyone running for a copy of Variety to check the morning reviews... </b></p>


<li> The reviews are coming in on the inaugural episode of "Behind the B." [<a href="">ESPN</a>]</li>

<li> Stength and fitness coach John Whitesides, up to now mostly a name whispered in veneration, appears to have become the breakout star. And Jarome Iginla? All is forgiven! Milan Lucic is a hands-on dad. Air date on episode #2 is to be announced. [<a href="">WBZ,CBSLocal</a>]</li>

<li> Here's a play-by-play on Episode #1 action! Joonas Rask guest stars as Tuukka's caddy... [<a href="">WEEI</a>]</li>

<li> It was produced and edited by the Bruins, so it was never intended to be an expose... Behind the B entertains. [<a href=""></a>]</li>

<li> So close... the Bruins plan to use the shocking end to the finals as motivation. [<a href="">NHL</a>]</li>

<li> Gregory Campbell and Patrice Bergeron are progressing nicely in their recoveries. [<a href="">BostonHerald</a>]</li>

<li> Who will replace "Dr. Khu" as backup goalie? And Patrice Bergeron got ink! [<a href="">MassLive</a>]</li>

<li> Claude Julien spoke about the Bruins lineup and the upcoming season. Peter Chiarelli asserts that his hiring Julien was the pinnacle of his tenure with the Bruins. [<a href="">ESPN</a>]</li>

<li> Let's review the Bruins' potential in the new Atlantic division, shall we? [<a href="">HockeyBuzz</a>]</li>

<li> Elliotte Friedman reviews rule changes on Illegal Check to the Head, and continues with his 30 thoughts. [<a href="">CBC</a>]</li>

<li> Have a gander at proposed building plans for the old Boston Garden. THREE towers! [<a href="">BostonHerald</a>]</li>

<li> Charles F. Adams, Boston Bruins founder, was named to the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame. [<a href="">VtDigger</a>]</li>

<li> And there's a new The Battle for the Flortheast comic! [<a href="">Flortheast.Tumblr</a>]</li>

<li> Here's a bit of fun, new Ottawa Senator Bobby Ryan acts as a roving hockey reporter, hilarity ensues! [<a href="">Senators.NHL</a>]</li>

<li> And let's have fun at Jonathan Toews' expense, as he models the Team Canada jersey... [<a href="">PuckDaddy</a>]</li>