Hey Gang - Spoke w/ my ticket rep at the Islanders and it looks like they're joining the ranks of teams trying to discourage enemy fans from overrunning their arena. Too little too late for them, but at any rate they've instituted a multi-game package deal for group buys this season, intended to keep local buyers in the majority.

So, for us Bruins fans our package if we choose to accept it would be for the Saturday game on Nov 2 and a Monday game on Jan 27. Total pricing:

$67 Upper Level, $131 Lower Level

Not half shabby for two games, compared to Boston pricing anyhow.

I understand that the weekday game and multiple trips will make this a non-starter for some. Since we're repeat customers, said rep is trying to see if he can get an exception from his higher-ups and allow us just the Nov 2nd game ala carte. If so, he anticipates it will be in the vicinity of:

$40 Upper Level, $86 Lower Level

Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments and poll. I'm down w/ double-game upper level, but I'm local. Shall we high-roller it in Hempstead for a single game in the lower bowl?

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