Alright folks, the time has come. To Cornelius' dismay, we'll be buying 20 seats in the upper deck at Nassau Mausoleum for the November 2nd game. The following people have signed up:

Me + 1


Losted125 + 3


Cornelius Hardenbergh

CrouchingTigerFlyingBobby + 1

Lilybraden + 1




Johnny Appleseed



This leaves the headcount at 19. We need one more - and I suspect there may be some attrition from the initial signup - so if all this talk of invading Long Island has made you jealous, get in on it now by letting us know you want in down in the comments.

The time to pay up, for those confirmed, is NOW. The final amount for this game with paypal fees included comes to$41.50. Payments should be sent via paypal by no later than Thursday 9/26 at noon EST.

I'm opting to use paypal for this purchase as they don't skim as much off the top as crowdfunding sites, and it seemed to work out well enough last year. Use the "Send Money" option and click "goods" under the purchase tab (for reasons of fraud protection for you guys, don't use the personal tab) to send the above amount to the following paypal user: Quentin A Little @ Gmail . com (obviously without the spaces, the name is all one block of text without spaces, underscores or periods). On the next window where you choose your payment method, please put "PILE ON THE ISLE" in the subject line and note your SBNation username in the message. If your "plus ones" are paying independently of you, please inform them to reference your SBN name in the message as well so I can keep track.

I will be making the purchases late Friday afternoon next week. If I don't have payment from absolutely all confirmed fieldtrippers, I will instead promptly issue refunds and, as per last year's conditions, personally be out about 30 bucks in paypal fees and owed beers in perpetuity from all of you. In perpetuity. It will be compulsory to buy me beer any time you see me, forever. This will cost you more than you think. I will show up when you least expect it. I will be everywhere. And thirsty.

Again, if you've not signed up, speak up now and join the party.

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