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Preseason Preview: Bruins @ Red Wings. #Flortheast

Redemption is a thing, even in the preseason. #letsgetit

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Welcome to the #FlortheastJoe!
Welcome to the #FlortheastJoe!
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Game Time: 7 PM Eastern, Joe Louis Arena. (Note: if you’re attending this game, be forewarned that there are a bajillion (read: three) major events going in in downtown Detroit, so parking and driving promise to be hellacious)

Broadcasting: As of 11:30 pm Friday, TBD.

Rival SB Nation Site: Winging It In Motown

Preseason Records: Bruins (2-1-0); Detroit (2-1-0)

Get Tickets Here: Detroit Red Wings Tickets

(Birda Note: Hey, all y’all. So I’m fairly sure that by the time this went up today, there were lineups out for tonight’s game. But there were not when I was putting this together last night and I’m probably still taking the ACT as you are reading this. You obviously have the internet…think of this as me helping you help yourself.)


Redemption time, all y’all. Welcome to our first visit to the Joe (#FlortheastJoe) this year and the (pre)season debut of Perfect (Frankenstein) Patrice Bergy! It’ll be good to see Patrice all fixed up and actually fixed not “hi Patrice here’s some stitches and duct tape and painkillers okay go play now run along you little number one centre you” fixed.

Krejci, Iggy (IGGY!), and Lucic are looking good, so huzzah for that. With Bergy back in the lineup, we’ll get our first peek at the supposedly-magical line of Eriksson, Bergeron, and Marchand at work. (On a side note, Torey Krug and Adam McQuaid are tied with the highest PIMs yet at seven apiece. Doesn’t that just warm your heart??)

The Wings are dealing with kind of a-lot-a-lot of injuries at the moment and will be down four players this weekend with Daniel Alfredsson and Darren Helm out with groin injuries, Patrick Eaves out two-to-four weeks with a sprained MCL and ankle, and Jakub Kindl out with some hip flexor problems. Johan Franzen (also hip floxors) was not expected to play as of Friday night, but is officially considered a game-time decision.

So yeah.

Let's go, BRU-INS! (*clap clap clap-clap-clap*)