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Monday Morning Skate: Commenter Training Camp: OUTRAGE!

Oh dear, what was I thinking?
Oh dear, what was I thinking?
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Hello and welcome to Commenter Training Camp.

Assignment 0: Sign In

Please leave a note in the comments introducing yourself. Username, how long you've been here, favorite Chowdah inside joke. Then, come back for the first assignment:

Assignment 1: Outrage

This should get your blood pumping. It's a dry run, it includes two stupid teams, but let's get this going anyhow.

Last night some stupid things happened in a Toronto/Buffalo game. After Corey Tropp got knocked over and I think knocked out at the end of a fight - he bumped his head on the ice pretty bad - John Scott got sent out there and Randy Carlyle decided Phil Kessel would be the ideal guy for John Scott to talk to immediately following a fight. Hilarity ensued:

TSN has a more complete video here. The Leafs look bad, the Sabres look bad, and it's time for some OUTRAGE!

Please, in the comments, take a side and tell us why the Leafs or Sabres come out of this worse, or why Kessel should or shouldn't be suspended for his vicious two-hander, or something.